Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

One year has flown by for fluidphotography! I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of customers I have had in this short time in just my first year. It makes me very happy. I love my job so much, thanks to all the wonderful support I have had. Thanks also to all those wonderful people that have shared a link of mine on facebook. These things go a really long way and I am very appreciative.

fluidphotography has been around since 2000, but I really feel Norway has welcomed me with open arms, when I originally thought Norwegians may be a little skeptical to a photographer that doesn't have a studio and takes photos in peoples own environment, but I was very very wrong!

fluidphotography is also very lucky to be taking on an intern/assistant for the whole next year. I am so excited about this. Welcome Cecilia Langhelle!

So to celebrate fluidphotography's success I am offering 10 lucky new Mammas a newborn baby photoshoot FREE for the month of September! I have made it in September since my family is in the middle of moving house, and I was a little late in giving out this information, plus I will have my lovely assistant. So new mums, or one's about to be mums, will be able to plan a little for this. You need to join my facebook page to be part of this, contact me ASAP to make an appointment and your baby needs to be no more than 4 weeks old!! I know...it's alot to ask, but there are alot of babies due soon so I have to have some limitations ;-) Also if you are outside of the Kongsberg area you will need to come to me. I have a beautiful little sunroom that I will be using for a natural light studio for those mums that don't have the light at home or are far from Kongsberg.

So again these points -

1. FREE photoshoot for the month of September only!
2. 10 newborns not older than 4 weeks!
3. Mums must join my facebook page and contact me asap!!

You will receive a beautifully presented cd, with slideshow and watermarked/copyrighted images. I do not sell the files, but you will of course have the possibility to order as many as you want from me :-) I also would like to blog your little baby like this beautiful little boy!

Remember to share this link with friends that you know that have had a baby or are just about to have one in the next month or so.

Goodluck and I hope to see you soon!!

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