Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pretty in Pink

January is a nice quiet month, but it's slowed me right down too, so I have kind of forgotten about blogging until now!

I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing this beautiful baby girl. She like many of my little clients didn't really think sleep was that necessary, so we broke the shoot up into two days and got some great ones from both days. And yes, she did sleep the 2nd time! Nothing wrong with a big wide eyed baby, but there is nothing like a beautiful, peaceful little sleeping baby. It was great to hang out with her mum as well for so many hours. Seems we have quite a bit in common :-) I also would just like to note that there is a massive difference between a newborn and a baby. Really only the first 0 - 10 days, 2 weeks tops, is classed as newborn (to a photographer at least). I know how tiring it is in those first few weeks, and then suddenly they are a 1 year old and you have forgotten all about getting photos done. Next time, next time you say! Next time while you are waiting for your little one to come into the world, you can make an appointment with your photographer. They will be also excited about the baby and will hopefully be able to set off some time for you. Those first few days are just precious, so if you are wanting the sleepy baby photos, try to organise this prior to birth if possible. Your photographer might even contact you to see if there is any sign of your new arrival yet! ;-)


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