Thursday, 19 April 2012

And the winner is...!!!

Yes...I said I needed at least 20 people to participate in my competition this time.  It seems not so many people want stuff for free these days.  I got a little over half the entries I wanted. But those entries I received were lovely, heart warming, sad, happy, and very moving. I am a big softy if you know me, and I even cry watching silly advertising on tv, so I fought with myself for a little over it, but in the end couldn't really say no to those I received!

Here are some examples of what people wrote, and I LOVED what they said!

"Your shots are really beautiful, especially of kids, because they don't look posed or false."

"Jeg syns du er kjempedyktig, Jessica. Hadde vært SÅ gøy å ta noen bilder av meg og mine."

"jeg syns bildene dine er flotte, du får til noe helt spesielt med lyset og fagene, og så har du noen veldig morsomme løsninger på enkelte av bildene "

" I should win because I am awesome."

"I love that you always find a way to do something creative with your photos like unexpected backgrounds and settings."

"I also l-o-v-e your pregnancy and newborn shoots! If I win the lottery before my next pregnancy I'm gonna travel to Norway every month just to have u shoot my pregnancy and newborn photos, or maybe I will just fly you down..." 

"We have always taken family pictures when on holiday, but they always end up with the four of us on a wall, sitting in a line, like ducks!! Nice background but shows very little of how close we really are. But a proper picture would be different! You could work your magic"

The person that WON wrote the most incredible letter I have read in a long time.  I am really looking forward to taking photos of her and I hope she enjoys it. It's going to be fun!

 Congratulations to...

Kine Gran!


For those who didn't win, you know where I am, so call me! ;-)

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