Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cover Me!

I have been looking for someone to make some little nappy (diaper/bleie) covers for my newborns.  I have made a few crocheted ones, but I don't really have the time and don't want to end up with the same ones on different babies.  I like every photoshoot to be individual and original as much as possible.  So I didn't have to look so far, as the talented Gry from Kakle was more than welcome to help me out! Kakle makes clothes from funky retro fabric.  Very fresh, bright colours that should add a little colour to my shoots! :-)

A naked baby is very cute but not always so practical when it comes to messy accidents, and I think it actually looks more cosy what I have been doing lately with the covers.  So with or without, I am very happy to have the choice for the individual photoshoots.  I so look forward to putting them to use this Spring and Summer...that said...what is with this snow!?
Tusen takk Gry.  Det var supert! Gleder meg til å bruke dem :-)





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