Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Six Day Old Sleeping Beauty

I kind of wonder if it could be possible that I keep loving my job, that every photoshoot is my new favourite, and I feel just so happy that I am getting people coming to me outside of Kongsberg! In a couple of weeks I am getting people coming from Virginia, US for a photoshoot! Yes they are coming to Kongsberg anyway, but they could have got photos in The States, instead they chose me :-D

This little girl was just adorable.  Her mum had come to me 5 weeks earlier for pregnancy shots, and then baby decided not to come until she was 2 weeks over due. She was the perfect little baby that slept through most of it to get some wonderful sleepy, snuggly photos.  And it was Easter in a few days, so I know it's a bit corny, but sometimes I can't help myself, so I did a bit of an Easter theme ;-)
The last photo is of her in this wooden container that they have in their kitchen.  She just fit in it and she will NEVER fit in it again, but it will be funny to point it out to her when she is big that she had photos taken in it!







*A compilation of images taken by my assistant for the day, Sonja and the resulting shots by myself. Music recorded by me from one of the kids music boxes :-) ( Watch it small to get the best view)*

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