Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Best Friends Forever

I took photos of Amalie when she was a few weeks old.  We spent two days taking photos of her waiting for her to sleep.  She did the 2nd day and as it turns out I think one of my favourite ones of her is with her big blue eyes open from the first day :-) I have become friends with her lovely mamma since then and she has been waiting until Amalie and her best friends baby Julie were 6 months so we could do some more photos. No they aren't twins, but their mums have fun dressing them like they are twins and it is very sweet.  The weather has been hideous so instead of outdoor photos my backup plan was my sunroom which has wonderful natural light.  It will be so good when I have my natural light studio one day so I can use it in winter too, but for the mean time this works very well.  I had visualised what this one was going to look like and it came out even better! These babies were a delight to work with.  Possibly more curious than interested in smiling the whole time, but they are just so adorable anyway and I'm not one to take just smiling photos anyway.  It's all about in the moment at this age :-)
Thanks Tina and Kristin for a lovely day with your beautiful girls.








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