Saturday, 16 June 2012

Out On The Farm

Helle won a photoshoot with me 1.5 years ago! We both forgot about it for awhile and then there have been lots of things standing in the way including sickness.  I was sick for 3 weeks with a terrible flu and then both my kids got chicken pox one after the other.  So I have felt a little hopeless lately, but it is good to be back!! And this photoshoot helped me feel very happy about it.

Sander didn't really want to be photographed, but enjoyed destroying flowers! At first I thought oh no don't kill the flowers! But then I thought let's use it and it worked.  It was like flower fireworks going off in the air! :-) Sara didn't want to be put down by her Mamma so we worked with that until she was comfortable.  I do like a good challenge and was so happy when they relaxed and let me take some wonderful photos of them.  I think Helle should be happy :-) It was good we waited in the end as they moved to such beautiful countryside!

Thanks to Unn Iren for the "loan" of her garden and Sonja for helping me out.

I am home all summer holidays if you would like photos of your lovely family :-) 










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