Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Autumn Amilia

I took photos of Amilias' big sister when she was about the same age.  I love when I can do what I want in a shoot.  I also love when mothers come with fun ideas.  She was wanting a really Autumn themed photoshoot and she sure got that.  The red maple is so pretty and went very well with her clothes and the blankets.  It was nice to do some more simple ones too without the leaves and pumpkins for a more natural feel.  I love when 3 month olds sleep for me!

I have finally set up a temporary mini studio for clients that want to come to me.  It's all natural light! I think that is the most important factor in my photography and especially for babies.  They don't want bright light flashing in front of their faces.  Plus I just don't like flash...fullstop.  I have bought two new floors and a wall which I can manipulate.  Look forward to seeing many more babies before Christmas :-)






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