Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Little Linnea

 I had a lovely few days with baby photoshoots the other week.  This time I had the chance to meet sweet little Linnea.  She was born 6 months ago, but 2 months early.  She is a very happy smiley baby.  Smiles all the time in fact until you put a camera in her face.  It was quite incredible to see.  Smiling - camera - serious! hehe! It made me laugh and it was a real challenge to work out how to trick her, which I managed to do a few times.  She was cute no matter if she was smiling or not and I loved her bubble blowing and cute noises she made. I loved her green cardigan too.  What a fabulous colour! Green is my favourite ;-)
I probably could have done sleeping photos of her too, since her mum said she fell asleep as soon as they left me.  Oh well...
Anyway more Autumn themed photos.  I have to get the most out of these beautiful leaves while they last.  They are falling fast!






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