Friday, 12 October 2012

Mini Natural Light Studio

My tagline to my business name is "Bilder i deres eget miljø" - photos in your own environment, which I am very proud of has worked very well in Norway so far.  A land where people get alot of studio portraits with white backgrounds recently, and before that marble backgrounds...
*Disclaimer - not that there is anything wrong with that.
So I have also come to realise the psychology behind studio portraits, where it is easy or somewhat necessary because of the weather conditions.  People don't always have good light at home when wanting something more natural either, or the space or the capacity for cleaning up before the photographer comes over.
My big plan when buying our new house was to build a natural light studio in the storeroom down stairs.  It's a perfect whole room size with plenty of space.  Just needs some windows and a whole bunch of renovating and it will be done.  But buying a 80 year old house isn't always so easy.  We have a bathroom that is in desperate need of renovation so that has now been the priority unfortunately.
I somehow completely overlooked the room we have upstairs in our house that has two skylights with wonderful light pouring in most days.  So I have removed our sofa, bought a couple of floors and a wall for a temporary solution to my studio space.  It's not the most ideal and I am sure some people might think this isn't very professional, but I want to be around for along time to come and I have been buildng my business slowly to make sure things go ok.  And so far they have been going better than I ever anticipated so I am very happy!
Anyone that knows me, will tell you I am very down to earth and I want you to feel comfortable with me and I think this is the perfect temporary solution for people that don't have the space at home and want lovely portraits without bright lights and a normal studio feel.  This is you in my house, relaxing while I photograph your child.
Ah did I forget to mention? This is really just for newborn babies up to small children.  I also do pregnant women here because of the wonderful lighting and I have a backdrop that I can cut before and after photos together (2 series' of these will be coming up on the blog very very soon!)
Anyway, I thought I needed to get some information out there for people that were maybe unsure about what I did.  And of course dont' forget that I actually do speak quite good Norwegian, but here it's all English so that everyone understands ;-)

Here are a couple of photos I did of my one and only top model Isabel last month.  Also the last 3 blogposts before the family are all in the same space.  Any questions feel free to email me at



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