Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pregnancy Series No.1

Kine won a competition back around Easter.  Everyone needed to send me their reason why I should give them a free photoshoot.  Kines' was so heart felt that I couldn't even consider anyone elses.  This was the one. 

I have wanted to do a pregnancy series for so long now and after someone had asked about if I did them I thought...well yes I can, I just haven't before.  I especially find it wonderful that Norwegians are becoming more open to this style of photography.  I had the freedom to do what I wanted, and felt completely trusted.  This always helps my creativity :-)  I wanted to do something a bit different to the pregnancy series' I have seen before where the stomach just grows and the subject stays in the same position the whole time.  This is pretty cool, but I wanted Kines personality to shine too.  How she was feeling at the time in her pregnancy should be an important thing to show in the photographs.

Now I am just waiting for "pregnancy series no.2" to come and have her baby photos taken.  She just had her baby yesterday and I so much look forward to taking her last photos but sad it's already come to an end!

Anyway without out further ramblings...





Sorry this one is so small...

Would you consider having a series done?

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