Monday, 5 November 2012

The Last Autumn Day

It was a crisp Autimn sunday.  The leaves and ground were dry.  I complained that there was a little too much sunshine and knew that I shouldn't be saying things like that.  Leaf angels were even made.  Little did we know that it would be snow the next day! We didn't get to quite finish the photoshoot because of a tired little guy, so decided to do more the next day, but had to do indoor photos as it was not really the greatest weather outside.  My black background isn't really for families but we squashed them in and it turned out quite nice.  I also got to use my sunroom probably for the last time this year as it gets pretty cold in there.
I want to take more photos of adorable 7 year old boys that say such lovely things as Isac who said he was so looking forward to seeing the pictures.  What 7 year old says that? Thanks Elin for a nice two day photoshoot with your beautiful boys.









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