Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Sun Came Out To Play!

We have had some very dark weeks this November I always forget how dark it can actually be.  Especially when there is no snow still.  But sunday was THE most beautiful, perfect weather for a photoshoot.  So I did 3! I never do more than one in one day, but I had a lot to catch up on since we are away all December and the day couldn't have been better. Mild weather, lovely light and fun families.

The sweet 7 year old in this photoshoot was suddenly not wanting her photo taken and just wanted to do a "grumpy face" for alot of the photos in the beginning.  She finally warmed up to my charms and the two girls made me laugh so much.  It was fun editing these pictures because there was a bigger story behind alot of the poses and smiles.  The first two photos were because their mum was peaking out from behind me.  Them looking up at me was them thinking they could see my eye through the lens and in fact I was taking a photo of me in their eyes ;-)

I must add how sorry I am to all the customers I have missed due to going away early this year.  I have never had to say no to so many people and I feel terrible about it.  At the same time it is very nice to kow that there are so many people that did want photos with me :-)

We haven't had a Christmas in Australia since 2004! Our kids have never had a Christmas in Oz and are trying to work out how it could possibly be no snow and hot there!! And that Santa still wears a warm red suit :-) Maybe I will do a personal blogpost from our trip.  I already have plans to do a dance shoot in my hometown at sunset which should be fun!






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