Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Yvonne, Nikolai, Amalie and Mamma

This family is becoming a regular.  I feel like it's been every 6 months or less I have photographed them in the last year. Yvonne is always a pleasure to photograph and Nikolai was extra good this time! Amalie wasn't so into it in the beginning and took a while to warm up but then all of a sudden she was ready to go.  She's a little monkey and loves climbing! Scary chair climber! 

5 kids to photograph in 3 hours is an mission in itself.  I like a good challenge and I managed to squeeze 3 kids at once into my mini studio space.  It will be good when we renovate our downstairs room so we get more space, but it worked so I can't complain.

I can't wait until Spring is properly here and I can get outdoors for some lovely photos!  There is nothing better than photos out in nature.  There is alot of interest for this Spring, so make sure you order in good time especially if you want a weekend shoot.

Another shout out to Mamma Tina for being my no.1 supporter!  It means so much to me x.
Tina and Amalie are wearing Kakle dresses.









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