Thursday, 19 September 2013

Autumn Air

I do get alot of shy families. I would say most of my customers don't love standing in front of the camera. I know I don't like doing it unless my husband takes the photo. That's me being a small control freak ;-) This family claimed to be more shy than usual, but I don't really think so...maybe a little bit. We went to my old favourite forest I know so well. It was nice to see all the changing leaves already and toadstools everywhere! The sun came out just for us. It had rained all morning and rained for the rest of the day. It really feels like Autumn now. We have had a wonderful summer so I am ready for the cold months this time. Bring it on! I love the characters of these gorgeous kids. Really sweet, nice kids :-) I have only a couple more weekend spots for photoshoots over the next month so if you are wanting family photos and need a weekend, contact me asap! :-) Enjoy! 1 2 3 4 5 This is the way a lion brushes it's teeth ;-) Cutey! 6 7

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