Friday, 27 September 2013

Bouncing Bundle of Boy

I have photographed quite a lot of 8 month olds this year. Such wonderful little personalities that shine through at this age.
It's also amazing what different sizes they come in. This little guy was not so little as my daughter wasn't little either. It was great his Pappa was there to pick him up and try and keep him still :-) I had newborn twins in the same wooden thing just a couple of months ago and they were so small in comparison. Babies grow sooo fast!
I added a little bit of autumn but he wanted to eat it instead, so we kept it small...hehe! I was very lucky to experience his first crawling forwards to his rabbit blankey which was so great. He looks so proud of himself! He was very tired at the end and did a small "face plant" which was not so great but I think it went ok! The joys of learning new tricks!
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