Thursday, 13 February 2014


I had a gorgeous little 5 week old boy in my studio last friday.  He had a full head of hair and adorable big blue eyes.  He was super cuddly and it did seem like he wanted to sleep.  After about 1.5hrs of using up all my tricks he finally fell asleep.  He seemed pretty asleep but not sound asleep.  Usually I would wait a little longer but I thought he was really fighting sleeping so I just started taking some photos again and as soon as I pressed the button he jumped and after only 3 photos he was fully awake again with a big open smile :-) This has happened a few times now, and it is never as easy as it is with a baby in the first 10 days or so.  But it's ok as we got a sleepy shot and lots of lovely photos with his eyes open showing his sweet little character.
I am so looking forward to all the newborns I will get to meet this year!







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