Monday, 4 January 2016

2015 In Review

2015 was an amazing year for fluidphotography! I have never been so busy.  I thank all my customers, both old and new for that.  All the likes and shares on facebook go a very long way, and I have had several customers from outside of little Kongsberg which is a great thing for me. I have again learnt a great deal, both for business and personal, and I hope that this year I can bring a new lease of creativity to the table as well as being stronger personally.
2015 was for me personally, as it was for many people, a difficult year. I am making changes to fix that and I have to thanks those friends and family that have listened to me and shown me love.  You have no idea how much it means to me.
The funny thing about having a photography business is that it can be very seasonal.  The beginning of 2015 was very quiet and I never know what to do with myself when it is quiet, plus I worry about my business of course.  Then when I finally get used to the quiet, there comes a tidal wave of customers. Before the summer it was busy but when we came back from Australia in July I can probably count on one hand how many days off I have had all the way until Christmas! So now it is January again, 2016.  Christmas was lovely and quiet with just the 4 of us at home in Kongsberg, which we really needed this time.  Today the kids are back at school and I sit looking through thousands of photos I could share with you.  There are always ones that stand out for me throughout the year.  60 something photos will have to do...hehe!
I hope to see many more newborns this year which is one of my favourite things to photograph.  I will continue my personal projects with dance photography and hopefully some more photos with water.  I really enjoyed my projects last year with florist Line from Numedal Blomster, and hope we can get to fit one more Winter Bridal Inspiration in before she has her baby! :-)
I look forward to meeting all the new couples getting married in 2016 and sharing their big day with them and all the fun families I get to take photos of.
I am crossing my fingers and toes that we will be able to finally make a new studio space this year with lovely big windows for natural light, but I can manage with my tiny studio for a little while longer. 
There will also be several exciting changes coming soon so watch this space!
Wishing you all a wonderful new year with happiness, love and calm.  Looking forward to what this year will bring!
Contact me by email with any queries.
Jessica x