Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Four Week Old Baby Girl

Sometimes things get in the way of a newborn shoot and suddenly baby is 4 weeks old.  That might not seem like a huge difference but it is quite significant.  A newborn is still very soft and easily "moulded" into curled up positions that look much more cosy that the legs sticking straight out which happens fast after a couple of weeks old.  Also to get a baby to sleep easily at 4 weeks old is much more challenging.  That said a 4 day old can have a sore tummy and also be difficult to settle.
So when I had a visit from this little girl last week, who felt double the size of the newborns I was used to, I didn't have high hopes of her falling to sleep.  But, as luck had it, she was very sleepy, and was a super cuddly girl who liked her forehead being stroked and fell in and out of sleep until she finally fell into a deep sleep for about an hour.

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