Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Ten Week Old Little Sister

I am always happy to see customers again.  Of course I would be! It makes me proud that they are happy I have done a good job.  I did their wedding photos in 2015, their first child in 2017 and just 15 months later Little Miss Happy. Big brothers are sometimes a little more shy having their photos taken with their baby sister or brother, but with only 14 months apart he hasn't yet reached that age, and was more than happy to lie down next to his baby and give her cuddles.
At 10 weeks old so much personality is already showing.  It's quite amazing after taking photos of a 10 day old a few days before, seeing the difference.
There was a plan to take a photo of them outside together too while baby was sleeping, with him sitting on his cool car, but tiredness had already set in and the photo wasn't possible. Little Miss had a nice nap outside in the fresh air though.

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