Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Quietly Chaotic - A Photoshoot Reality

Here is the truth.  Kids aren't perfect. Maybe you have seen some photos of mine or another photographers, and thought, omg those children are so well behaved!  Maybe it even put you off taking your kids to a photographer because you know your kids aren't going to be easy to photograph.  The parent has expectations of the photoshoot going smoothly, but the photographer, if a patient one, and I am pretty sure the majority of us have a ton of patience, don't have expectations of a photoshoot, of  3 small children under the age of three, going smoothly.  We have to work for our money.  And sometimes we have to work extra hard. Some parents want smiling children, then it's extra work.  Some parents are just happy to get some good photos of their kids.  It can be chaotic, quietly or loudly!
It's like newborn shoots.  It all seems perfect, but there are usually breaks for feeding, soothing, getting back to sleep, before we can continue.  Some babies just can't settle.  I have seen it all.
The digital world has made a photographers life somewhat easier, in that we can take more photos to get "the good one" unlike when I started out 20 years ago when we just had a couple of rolls of 36 or 24 film. But our expectations are also raised, as we CAN take more photos to get the good one.
Kids only have a small amount of patience.  Even the super smiley, "always happy" babies.  They have a breaking point, and in front of a camera it is easy to see when it is time to stop.
Some kids are just shy from the beginning, so the photographer needs the freedom to get contact with that child so that they feel safe and enjoy the experience of being photographed.
These three kids, 3 year old twin brother and sister, and 10 month old baby sister, were just adorable. They were very shy, the boy didn't like balloons touching the floor, but luckily bubbles saved the day! I include an "in-between" shot, a truth, and a reality from this shoot, just to show that kids aren't perfect, even though it might look like that from the outside.  I think it's important to show.


Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Twin Boys - Falk & Birk

Identical twins.  Something I have always been fascinated by.  I was so lucky to photograph a lot of twins in 2019.  This was my second set of newborn identical twins this year.  And would you believe it, they slept the entire shoot! So wonderful.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Anna & Marius' Wedding

Looking back on one of my summer weddings from this year.  It was the middle of summer, July 20.  A cloudy day, with inevitable rain predicted.  I love cloudy days, and a little rain at a wedding is always nice, and means good luck. There was a lovely ceremony at Kongbserg Kirke, and still no rain when they exited the church.
We started out location photos in the old town of Kongsberg before heading up to one of my favourite new places this year.  It recently had new residents...sheep.  They seemed friendly enough and I convinced Anna and Marius that it would be ok.  It's always good to have an extra pair of shoes on location shoots and luckily we did...sheep do make a mess.  The sheep were also very friendly and welcomed the bridal couple warmly by wanting to be in all the photos.  After the initial excitement the sheep seemed to calm down, as well as my bridal couple, and we took some photos just in time for the rain to start.
We drove to our 3rd and 4th locations being the forest and a nice old bridge, before heading to Søstrene Storaas for the party. A barn wedding party is always nice here, beautifully decorated by Numedal Blomster.  During the dinner it rained alot but we were all cosy inside the barn.  I unfortunately didn't get to take the couple outside again but we took some last photos, during a break, by the only window in the barn, which I am so happy I got to take.
Gratulerer Anna og Marius.