Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I was so lucky to follow this family with pregnancy, birth and baby photoshoots, all within a couple of weeks.  I also took photos of Charlie when he was 5 weeks old and now he is a big brother! Probably the funniest sibling photo I have ever taken where baby Eva looks like she is yelling something into Charlie's ear :-)
Eva didn't want to sleep much at 5 days old with her brother around, so we tried again at 6 days old which went very well.
The plum and cherry blossoms were just blooming in out garden, so I decorated my wreath with them and Mari brought some peonies for the shoot.  Such an amazing flower! They changed from a dark pink, to peach and at full bloom to a light yellow colour!
It seems this is the year for lots of babies and I have quite a lot more bookings for pregnancy photos and babies.  I look forward to meeting all my new and old customers.

The Birth

Nearly 16 years ago I was at my best friends baby's birth . It was, back then, the most amazing thing I experienced until I gave birth myself. I took some photos and found them a while ago and have been thinking how great it would be to do it again. So with all the babies I have been taking photos of lately, and the pregnant women, Mari accepted my offer to document the birth of her baby. So for the next 2 weeks I slept with my phone by my bed waiting for the call.
Before going to bed one night I checked my facebook one last time and saw a post from a friend in Australia mentioning that it was International Midwives Day the next day. I then had a very strong feeling that it would be the day. 2 hours after falling asleep I got the call I'd been waiting for! I got to the hospital just before Mari and Cliff arrived. We were shown to a room where we got settled. It took nearly an hour before Mari was examined, and things seemed to be going slower than what they thought and they had a bit of disappointment for a short while. But only an hour later I could see that it had changed dramatically after we had moved room. We were moved back to a birthing room where we once more set up, but this time we weren't going anywhere. After the waters broke it all seems like a bit of a blur now as I waited with my camera poised. I had a déjà vu like feeling of my second birth, as in one great push the baby came out from head to toe and I didn't even manage to capture anything except a leg which made me confused at first! The baby was already been pulled up on to Mari's stomach by the midwife. After initially fighting back the tears and pulling myself together I continued to take more photos.
It truly was such an incredible experience and I am so honoured to have been there. I think there were 3 or 4 midwives and nurses in there at one time at the end, and they really are quite fantastic! All playing their part in making sure the baby and mother are ok. A beautiful baby girl was born which they named Eva. I stayed around for a couple of hours waiting for her to be weighed. She was happily breastfeeding for most of that time.
After everything was done I thanked, congratulated and left them, smiling all the way home. Birth is really the most amazing thing we do as humans. I am so glad I had the experience again and I am sure I would do it again, even though I really love my sleep! I went around feeling jetlagged for a couple of days after. So here are some photos from the event! :-) Enjoy!