Monday, 25 March 2019

Fine Art Portraiture - Collaboration

Catching up on blog posts on this beautiful spring day.  The snow is melting fast and today the builders arrived to start work on my new studio! So exciting! I look forward to taking my very first newborn photos in my new space. Having the extra space I will now be able to offer family shoots and larger siblings groups for people that want indoors or if it is just too bad weather for outdoor shoots. Having my studio a little separate from the main house will be so great! The builders say it will only be a couple of weeks work which seems unbelievable but they have already done so much today.
I also plan to add something new and exciting to my list of styles.  Fine art portraits! Last Sunday, I had a collaboration with my favourite florist Line from Numedal Blomster, makeup artist student Ingeborg, hairdresser Ingvild from HĂ„rakutten and beautiful models Yvonne and Ugne. Both models did their confirmation photos with me last year.  I have been taking photos of Yvonne for years, and when I first saw Ugne I thought I had to use her one day for the right project together with Yvonne. Both girls are so classic looking and I was wanting an ethereal, renaissance look for my photos.  I was using a mixture of natural light and my new studio Aputure light.  I was a little nervous since I hadn't used lighting since photography college in 1998, but I was actually more nervous about getting the clothing right.  I had borrowed a bunch of clothes from a friend with wonderful taste, Silje, but when I came home I felt like nothing was going to match! I bought a green top and everything got pulled together perfectly. 
Line came with buckets of flowers including my favourites Proteas! Mixed with carnations, roses and dried grasses, the flowers were stunning! I asked Ingeborg to do minimal, natural makeup and she really did a fantastic job.  Ingvild did the perfect hair that created a modern twist to an old style.
If you are interested in photos of yourself or your children or maybe confirmation photos in this style? Send me an email.