Friday, 14 October 2016

Twelve Day Old Noah

I had a lovely week last week cuddling with newborns. This little guy was so lovely, not to mention his adoring big sister.  She just loves him, and lay down happily next to him, talking to him and stroking his hair. He slept the entire time with his sister but then was a little restless.  Luckily his Mamma & Pappa are music lovers and Pappa found some great white noise sounds of the ocean on spotify, and he went back to sleep! I will be using this everytime I do baby shoots from now on! :-)
Make sure to have a look at the little film at the end if you haven't seen it on instagram

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Four Days New

Did I mention I love my job? I possibly have been saying that alot these days.  I couldn't imagine doing anything else anymore.  It never feels like work when I have so much fun.  It is always lovely meeting these new parents and their tiny new members of the family.  Hearing their stories and finding you have shared interests.  Spending 3.5 hours the other day with this baby girl and her mum was just great, and she then came back yesterday with her two boys for a few sibling photos. I got some real gems with the boys which I have dubbed "the calm amongst the chaos" as they might look like all was easy but I can promise you 2 year olds wriggle! All two year olds! hehe!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Apple Orchard Photoshoot

The weather has been typically autumn which can be a little unpredictable.  Rain, sunshine, cold, windy and this week we have had our first frosts.  It really is my favourite season to photograph.  The colours and light are amazing and we had a crazy but beautiful day. We drove out to Fiskumvannet where there are lots of apple orchards.  I have always admired this beautiful area and after realising that my original location hadn't changed colour yet I thought that red apple orchards would be great! We arrived and the 2.5 year old boy had been asleep and I know I don't like to be woken up after a nice nap and he was not in a good mood to say the least :-) It looked like for a moment that he wasn't going to be in the photos at all but then we mentioned dinosaurs and he went into the incredible world of a child and I am pretty sure he really thought he was hunting dinosaurs! His big sisters succumbed to his fantasies and played along with him.
We had rain and sunshine at the same time in the beginning and then sunshine and lots of wind which is great and usually puts kids in a good mood :-)
Thanks again to Numedal Blomster for such lovely autumn flower crowns.