Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Little Ola Martin

Oh...I was so happy to meet this beautiful boy! 8 days old and so perfect. I have been working with his mum Line from Numedal Blomster on inspiration shoots and we just finished the one with deer 1 week earlier!

What a lovely little boy with so much hair! Love it! Line brought along a wreath that she had decorated with flowers for the shoot.  Flowers work in photoshoots for boys! Yay!
He was a sleepy but hungry baby.  So as long as he was fed every once in a while he was quite happy to sleep. Doesn't he have a gorgeous baby mohawk!

I went back to do a home session at 18 days and he was just as good and sleepy.  I wanted to try a couple of poses out that needed some work and they went so well.  One happy photographer! :-)
I have added a little film at the end from the home session.  This is why I love my job! 

Thanks to Hemelia for the gorgeous grey and blue overalls.

Congratulations Line and Paal!


Easter Baby Shoot with Lillebror

Already a 17 day old baby is not considered newborn anymore. They are more difficult to get to sleep and they are not so squishy and flexible so that the photographer can put them into little foetal-like positions.  So when a customer tells me their baby is already 17 days old I don't have huge expectations that the baby will sleep for me.  And that said, alot of the time a newborn will not sleep for me easily either.  But this beautiful baby boy was more than happy to sleep for me. Even with his big 2 year old sister running around.  She was also very good for me and decorated her baby brother with felt easter eggs for one photo and was quite happy to be in the photos a couple of times :-)
I love when people bring their own knitted things with them for the shoot.  It becomes a more personal shoot and they can always think about the lovely clothes that his auntie made for him. I love that blue colour! It went beautifully with my new brown blanket!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Waiting For Baby Home Session

I took photos of Lucy and her family when Lily was just one.  Now baby number two is on the way so I went for a little visit to take some photos of their beautiful family of 3.  Miss Lily woke up early and wasn't really wanting photos taken, and especially if she wasn't in them, so we did some by herself and she was quite happy then :-) We did have a plan to take some photos outside but we did pretty well inside anyway. As always I have just used natural light which was pretty nice even on this rather dark, cloudy day.  Now look at this spring weather we have today! It's all melting away! I am so looking forward to spring and sunshine! I am also looking forward to meeting all my spring babies :-)