Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Anne - Konfirmant

I took photos of Anne back in March for her invitation to her confirmation.  I did some fine art portraits before we headed for the slopes to watch her speed down the hills!
Her confirmation was back in June and I was invited to her "kakefest" or cake party which was nice with family attending from the Netherlands. 
On Sunday her sister Emma, who had her confirmation just last year, joined Anne for some sister photos and to show off their mothers fabulous sewing skills!
As soon as we arrived at our location I pointed to the rain in the distance which wasn't meant to show up for another 2 hours, but as I raised my camera to take the first shot, the rain came pouring down! We ran to the car and waited but it didn't stop, so we drove back to their house and waited patiently.  Then the sun peaked through the clouds and we drove back up the hill to a surprisingly dry and perfect light location.  We stepped into a magical fairy forest after taking some "cliff hanging" pictures of a rock loving girl.
I went home a happy photographer once more.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

2019 Catch Up!

So I have had a long break from blogging about my photoshoots. I usually only share around 3-4 photos per photoshoot on facebook, so a lot is missed out from the actual day.  I can't share everything, but I will share photos from the past half a year so you can see what I have actually been up to.
We have spent quite a few months getting my studio built and it is finally here! It is small but perfect for me.  For someone that mostly does outdoor shoots, apart from babies, I can now happily take a nice family shot too if I need, without the embarrassment of not having enough space.  That doesn't mean a family of 5 and a dog fit in here.  They do...just...and I don't want to recommend that people start booking me for indoor shoots with so many people.  It is, as I said, still a small space, but I can now spread my arms out and spin around...but I won't because I will just get dizzy ;-)
1 year old shoots are working out wonderfully in here, sibling shoots will be a dream in the colder months.  But whenever possible I will always recommend outdoor shoots for families.  Outside you can run around and be free!
There are a few photoshoots that need more than a group blogpost, so they will be coming soon.
Have you been thinking about family photos? Autumn is come fast and it is so beautiful outside. I am expecting a very busy "høst" so make sure you book in good time.  I recommend afternoon shoots for families.  The days are getting shorter so they will be at a more normal time.