Monday, 20 June 2016

Konfirmant Hedda

I had another confirmation/dance photoshoot last week.  I love seeing all the beautiful bunads the girls wear.  It is such a strong contrast to their dance outfits that they change into.  We were lucky to have lots of sun this time and the sunset gave the most beautiful golden light.  We have almost reached the longest day of the year and soon the sun will turn and our days will become shorter again.  At the moment, where I have been taking these photos, the sun is setting at around 10.00pm.  It's late but it's worth it.
I took photos of Hedda's big sister, who is also a dancer, 2 years ago.  Their styles are very different but are both amazing dancers.  I think if I could do dance photos every week I would be one happy photographer!


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Konfirmant Ida Marie

I don't do so many confirmation photoshoots.  The one's that I have done are really fun and are usually of a dancer or one time a unicyclist! So we do photos in their fancy bunad and then they change to casual clothes or dance outfits.  This time I planned on an evening photoshoot with lovely sunset.  The sun wasn't making a huge appearance but I was still hopeful.  Ida Marie managed 5 changes of clothes! Teenagers do have alot of interests and hobbies! I am pretty sure if we had more time there would have been a few more changes of clothing too :-) She plays the trumpet, plays football and is in a cheer squad.  So we took photos of that plus a few more! With several locations we ended up at my all time favourite out in Heistadmoen and were finished a little before 11pm! Yes non-Norwegians - it is still light here at that time! :-)