Monday, 10 September 2018

A Whole Lot of Love - Øyvind & Kari Marte

I had the honour of photographing Øyvind and Kari Marte's wedding on July 28. The weather was unstable, but I was more excited about the dramatic clouds than the possible rain showers.  We couldn't have been more lucky. Sunshine getting ready, and during the wedding ceremony in Lyngdal i Numedal. Clouds rolling in during location photos with a perfect amount of wind to cause some excitement, and then crazy rain in the car back to Kongsberg.  Sunshine again for some indoor photos at home for a little time to relax and pop some champagne before heading off to Søstrene Storaas for dinner and celebrations. The dinner was held in the rustic barn, decorated beautifully by Numedal Blomster.  It rained, then there was more sunshine, a rainbow, more rain, but it cleared up for the evening before a late night down pour on the way home.  Hmm...I am sounding like a weatherman! Weather is important to a photographer.  I probably look at the weather report as much as I look at instagram which if you aren't following me there you should :-)
Kari Marte is very good with interior and I was so happy that we got to take getting ready photos at their house and that Sølvsaksa could do hair and makeup there.
I look forward to showing you the other weddings from this season, but for now I will be editing my heart out a little longer.