Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Baby Jenny

Some babies just don't sleep when they visit a photographer. Jenny was one of those babies.  We tried for two days but she just refused.  The first day she came to me she brought her dogs with her, which were happy enough to model for a quick photo, without the baby.  I added a semi-sleepy photo of Jenny later in photoshop (last photo). The 2nd day she was calmer and we got some nice sleepy photos of her without her actually being asleep :-)
Jenny's mum was given a gift card for pregnancy photos which was a lovely shoot in nice warm weather outside. 
Looking outside today I see that Autumn is officially here.  The leaves are changing colour already, it's raining and the mist is sitting on top of the mountain behind our house.
Family photo shoots are being booked over the autumn.  The perfect gift for Christmas. Make sure to contact me very soon as I get booked up very fast within the next couple of weeks!
Book your baby session before baby comes.  Then I can make sure to keep open some available time.