Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lille Søster Liv

Little sister Liv is just under 1 year younger than her big brother Ola.  359 days younger to be exact!  I did two photoshoots of both of them and their 2nd photoshoots were just 10 days apart.  Pretty cool! Line and I have done a few collaborations together for bridal inspiration.  Hopefully we will be doing some more in the near future.  Right now she has her hands full :-)
I have more newborns just around the corner.  Spring is here finally and I am looking forward to all the blossoms and new leaves on the trees.  The birds are already chirping and twittering, practicing for when their chicks come.
Do you have a baby due soon? They are only so little for a split second.  Those first 10 days to 2 weeks are gone so fast.  Let me capture those first few days so you can hold on to those memories for a lifetime.  It's so worth it.

1 year apart - Ola and Liv