Thursday, 26 November 2015

5 Month Old Baby Boy

This 5 month old baby boy was in a good mood the whole shoot.  He smiled and made cute noises and discovered his toes while he was here, which was the most amazing thing that happened to him that day! :-) Then there was the challenge to get some photos without his toes in his mouth which I thought was very funny! A short but sweet photoshoot that got some nice results from the hour.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Autumn Family Portraits

It was great to photograph this lovely family outside. The leaves were now all fallen which gives a nice brown tone to the images.  The two youngest made me laugh so much, and the two oldest made me want to take more photos of teens.
I really love Autumn light!

10 Days New

10 days new, I had a visit from this sweet baby girl and her parents.  The 2 year old was unfortunately too shy to be photographed, which happens. I look forward to all the newborns in 2016!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Family Fall Photoshoot

I have had the pleasure of photographing this good looking family a few times now.  This time with a new addition to the family!  And this time at my new favourite spot for Autumn photos.  So many beautiful colours in one small area. Now all the colour is gone and it is nothing but white outside.  The leaves have fallen, and are covered with snow.  Renewal is a wonderful process. I hope we have a good winter and that spring brings with it new life and a great new year of possibilities.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Ten Week Old Baby Girl

I have had a lot of babies this Autumn.  Not so many newborns which has been a little different. Older babies wiggle alot and make lots of different faces, and much more difficult to get to sleep.  But they smile alot and have more of a personality and that is fun. We even managed to get this little girl to sleep for a cat nap, so we got some awake and sleepy shots. It was pretty funny trying to photograph a 2 year old big sister and her baby! They both have such beautiful eyes! And what a lovely knitted outfit and blanket they brought with them!

Autumn Leaves & Benjamin

This is my 4th time photographing Benjamin. I love when customers come back year after year. It means so much to me.
We couldn't have had better weather for this shoot one morning early in October.  The leaves were crispy and dry, it wasn't too cold. and the light was perfect. And I love how his jumper matches perfectly with his eyes!