Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Thelma - Konfirmant

I loved this photoshoot! The perfect backdrop everywhere I turned.  A garden with it's own handmade greenhouse, hedges, blossoming bushes, vines, berries, apples and cherries.  All in their backyard! And lovely Thelma - thank you for coping on one of the warmest evenings in your beautiful "beltestakk".

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Camilla & Jørn Thomas' Bryllup

It's been a hot summer for Norway. It's been really warm since May and we have barely had a drop of rain.  In my 15 years in Norway I don't remember it being so hot.  Hot for Norway.  I am Australian after all ;-)
So the first wedding of the season on June 23, was blue skies and warm weather. Nedre Eiker kirke was a new church for me.  It's always exciting to be at a church I haven't photographed in before, and it was beautiful!
Congratulations to Camilla and Jørn Thomas, and thanks for having me!