Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Late Afternoon Family Shoot

I had a great time with this family up at Knuten.  They were the winners of my competition I had, to celebrate having my business for 5 years in Norway and 15 years since Sydney, Australia! Trine wanted Knutetårnet in the background of the photos and we found the perfect spot to take the photos.  Even the dog was a perfect model in the family photos.  But he did run off towards the end of the shoot and we lost him for about half an hour or so, but he came back luckily just before it was too dark.
I sometimes have reality checks living here in Norway after being here for 12 years, and this day was one of them when I see such a beautiful place that looks nothing like my own country.  So green and so much water everywhere.  The light at sunset is also different but still lovely.

Bright Eyes

Older babies are more likely to be awake babies for a photoshoot, and this little girl apparently isn't a huge daytime sleeper anyway so I was prepared for an awake baby.  The nice thing about an older, awake baby is that you get some real proper smiles and when she saw her Pappa she gave him a super smile!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lene & Stian's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple's wedding. It's always nice to meet for some getting ready photos first and end the shoot in the forest to take the whole day in. It was a beautiful sunny day. My brides and grooms have been lucky with the weather this year when I look out my window now at the dark dark rainy days we are having. Høst is here! Enjoy!