Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Ann Kristin & Arne's Wedding

I was in Australia in early May when I received an email asking if I was available at the end of May.  I was sure they meant in 2020, but they said in 2 weeks time! I was luckily available and was home from Australia for a week before their wedding day.
I had taken photos at Norefjell, Noresund in Autumn 2018.  A beautiful area on top of a mountain, surrounded by cottages in a very traditional setting.
The weather couldn't have been more perfect with an outdoor ceremony overlooking the valley and mountains in the distance.  The couple wore traditional bunad & beltestakk which suited perfectly with the backdrop.
We had had a little meeting a few days before the wedding, but they hadn't mentioned their love for dancing, and weren't aware that I loved taking photos of dancers, so on location it just so happened that they danced the entire photoshoot! One very happy photographer.
Congratulation to a super couple, Ann Kristin & Arne!