Thursday, 31 August 2017

Konfirmanten Markus

Like I have said before, it's always nice to have customers come back to me.  Last year I took confirmation photos of Markus' sister.  This year we had it planned for a long time and after many postponed shoots we finally got to do it!
We went to the beautiful lake I never remember the name of, on the way up to Knuten.  It is seriously beautiful up there!  For 14 years I occasionally have a "reality check" and feel like I need to pinch myself that I live in Norway.  This one hits me hard when I breathe in the fresh pine scented air and look around at my surroundings. I smile and know that I am home.
So luckily for Markus I picked this place after using up all my other favourite places and had forgotten about this even better place! :-)
It started raining lightly not long after we started, but this to me is perfect dramatic lighting. A shy but photogenic boy thrown in front of the backdrop and I am a happy photographer.  I have had a good year with more than usual "konfirmanter" and I look forward to many more.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Summer Family Photo Shoot

It is always lovely when families come back to me.  Even nicer when they bring a new addition to the family.  Their youngest had a little fever so wasn't really into having her photo taken most of the photo shoot but we got some good ones.  It's nearly my favourite time of the year again.  Autumn! Perfect family photo season.  The sun is getting lower in the sky earlier, the light is beautiful and the colours seem to be coming early this year.  Make sure to book soon as I already have bookings all the way until Christmas!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Four Week Old Baby Girl

Sometimes things get in the way of a newborn shoot and suddenly baby is 4 weeks old.  That might not seem like a huge difference but it is quite significant.  A newborn is still very soft and easily "moulded" into curled up positions that look much more cosy that the legs sticking straight out which happens fast after a couple of weeks old.  Also to get a baby to sleep easily at 4 weeks old is much more challenging.  That said a 4 day old can have a sore tummy and also be difficult to settle.
So when I had a visit from this little girl last week, who felt double the size of the newborns I was used to, I didn't have high hopes of her falling to sleep.  But, as luck had it, she was very sleepy, and was a super cuddly girl who liked her forehead being stroked and fell in and out of sleep until she finally fell into a deep sleep for about an hour.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Malin & Robert's Wedding

Three weeks ago I went to Rollag to take photos at the beautiful stave church, for the super lovely couple Malin and Robert.
It's been quite a while since I took wedding photos, I have to admit.  With all the job cuts in Kongsberg I have definitely been feeling it as a photographer. So I was a bit nervous which I haven't been for a long while! Dark church, dark day.  The kind of challenge I love, and it went well.  Not to go unnoticed that the theme colours seemed to be my favourite - blue and green :-)
After a long wedding ceremony, we took some quick photos on a bridge that I had noticed driving out there and we then went to the party.  A wonderful barn wedding with so many amazing details I couldn't believe my eyes! Generations of family members had celebrated their wedding in the same barn.  It was just wonderful.
I wish Malin and Robert the very best for a bright and beautiful future together. Gratulerer!