Thursday, 21 April 2016

Four Days New - Rosie Belle

I had a wonderful time photographing little Rosie Belle, who first came to me at 4 days old, still without a name.  I had taken photos of Lucy and family when she was pregnant a few weeks back. We got alot of photos done first without big sister Lily, and then I went and did a homesession at their house a few days later. Lily was a very proud and protective big sister.  She was completely obsessed with her new baby sister and was very good at letting me take photos of her baby and ones of them together.  She also let me know when I had done enough ;-) It was great to be a little creative and set up a baby calendar photo which included her name, time, date of birth and weight. It will be something nice to make into a thankyou card or a picture for her room.
It is always so lovely to photograph such small new babies as they are so flexible. I had wrapped her in some photos and she had managed to push her foot all the way to her mouth which was quite funny and very cute! I really do recommend the first 10 days for newborn photos.  I have said it before I know, but it is so much easier to get a better range of photos with the chance of more sleeping photos and curling the baby into lovely cosy positions that you just can't do anymore after 2 weeks.
Congratulations Lucy and Petter on your little family.