Thursday, 14 April 2011


From a photographers view I see people wanting their new babies photographed, then small kids, families, weddings but what about the teenagers? Well yes they have their photos taken for confirmation, but is it really showing what teenagers are all about? Dressed up in their traditional clothes, posing nicely for the camera. Yes it's nice and it's a "coming of age" moment, but well, me being rather anti-traditional, and a little rebellious, just can't help myself really.

Anyway my point is it would be nice to see more teenagers. It's a fun but awkward period and I think giving them a little boost as a "model for a day" could do the world of good.

This photoshoot was a big challenge for me. I am so glad I did it. I got to know this age a little better, when I really haven't had anything to do with teens at all.
So if people are wanting photos of their lovely teenagers, I am ready! :-)

Tusen takk jenter! Det var en morsom opplevelse for meg. Håper dere hadde det fint også ;-)











And I just had to end with this one as when we arrived they all freaked out because there were two graffiti artists doing their thing, and I said they aren't even going to notice us as they were busy. So we went right up the other end of the wall to do the photos. An hour later they were wanting to go sit right in front of the guy for a photo! ;-P

Wedding Album No.2

I have made another wedding album! After Ann-Kristin, my first official bride, saw my post on facebook about me finally making wedding albums, she wanted to know where to order! The scrapbooking project hadn't gone quite as planned she said. The sofa was calling her much more than her project was. It's difficult after working all day and then finally getting the kids to bed, to then sit down and work some more. So it was nice to make her an album that she can enjoy forever. I have a feeling I will be making alot more of these :-)


Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Wedding Album and Thankyou Card

When I first started I just kept it very simple. I like things simple. I need to test the waters, especially being in a different country I had to find out what people wanted before jumping in the deep end. So I am still playing it safe but have come up with a very nice, simple but elegant, modern style, wedding album from Jorgensens Albums in Australia! The photos go all the way to the edge of the mats and you can have panoramic pictures going right from one side to the other! Nice! It is 20cm x 20cm in size and comes in a black box. It's nice to have a little piece of Australia in my products when I am all the way on the other side of the earth :-)
I have also discovered a beautiful card that is great for thankyou's of all description. It is 16 x 16cm in size and comes with an envelope. The print is unbelievably beautiful quality and I can put on it whatever you want!
Drop me a line if you are interested in either of these.
Ann-Kristin - this is for you, since you made me work on a saturday ;-) My first official bride seeing the first official wedding album. Sweet :-) It's never too late to make an album ;-)
Well I am off to enjoy my Saturday evening! :-)

Preparing the photos_resize

Wedding album_resize

Thankyou cards_resize

Friday, 1 April 2011

The Bride To Be and Friends.

It's always inspiring and gets my creative juices flowing when 1. Norwegians hire a photographer for something out of the ordinary 2.The bride to be is like a supermodel, strutting her stuff for her friends and 3. Everyone is having a great time! Love it!
I had no idea what to expect or where I would exactly be taking the photos but it turned out that one of the maids of honour lived right next door to Kongsberg Silvermines so we had lots of cool old backdrops to work with! A bus load of guys even showed up yelling "More!" which just got the girls in an even better mood ;-)
I hope to do more "utdrikkningslag" photoshoots. This one was a treat.
And Kine, I will come to Hawaii for the wedding if you want! ;-) No problem!