Monday, 18 July 2011

The 50's Pin-up Photoshoot!

I had the best time in a long time doing this shoot. I had planned a lot in my head and it seems to have turned out how I wanted or better in lots of the photos, so I am very happy. We had wanted a car for the shoot, and everyone seemed to be on holidays. I luckily got a tip from a past colleague, about a guy Ronald Andreassen who had a Red 50 Plymouth convertible. I feel very lucky that he wasn't on holiday so Tusen takk Ronald!!
We used the old Petrol Station while the owner was on holidays. A lovely pair of Esso pumps which did a good job in the photos. Tusen takk til Bjørn Thomas Høen for det.
And then of course I had the gorgeous Anouk who wanted to have some photos for posterity in the style of 50's pin-up. I had met her at her friends bachelorette/hens night/utdrikkningsslag party that I photographed. Little did I know she lived in The Netherlands. She contacted me through facebook after seeing her friends photos and we have been planning bits and pieces for months ever since. She was such a great model! And very fun to work with.
And I am so glad to know creative people. My friend Renee Hooker did a fantastic job on Anouks hair and Erin Burlock Haugen really impressed me when I found out her past life was in makeup artistry! Thanks so much to you both!!
Really, the possibilities are endless when it comes to photoshoots, and it's great to see a 20-something-year-old wanting portraits for herself, just for fun. I would do this again in a second! Just want to add that Anouk is also very creative if you'd like to check-out her creations here