Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Competition time!!

January through to March is my quiet period.  I sit in my office doing way too much contemplating than working some days but it is hard to sit still after a very busy year last year! Weddings are being booked, spring babies are coming, forest family photos are following, confirmation season on it's way,  as well as a hens night/bachelorette party thrown in to the works! I am looking forward to doing more pregnant women this year and hope to get some series done over the year. Such a wonderful memory to have and not an outrageous price as you are just coming for a photo a month up until birth!

So competition! Obviously not for all countries unfortunately but I am very happy to offer this not just to people living in Norway, but to my dear Australians as well this time as we will be there the entire month of December!! Woohoo!

First things first.  This competition needs at least 20 people participating.  If I don't get at least that many people I'm pulling the plug.

There is ONE lucky winner! That person receives a portrait photoshoot for themselves or up to 4 family members.  For people living in Norway the prize must be used by June 30, or for people in Australia, within the time I am in Oz obviously ;-)

The winner will receive a beautiful viewing cd and one 20 x 30 print! If you want to order more prints you can of course do that through me. The best photos from the shoot will be going on my blog! If you don't want them on my blog, don't enter :-)

How to enter!!??

Send me an email telling me why YOU should win a photoshoot with fluidphotography.  Leave me a comment as well at the bottom of the blog to say you have sent me an email too, so I know it's not SPAM! The lucky winner will be picked on the 18th of April.  That's 3 weeks from today! Entries can be in Norwegian or English.  Jeg snakker norsk ogsÃ¥ ;-)  I am looking for all sorts of wonderful answers, so be creative and send me an email! I like to be moved.

Please do not send me your answer on facebook.  The link to the competion is there but you need to go back through my blog for entry :-)

Goodluck og lykke til!!!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Weddings, Pregnancy and Babies

Not always in that order ;-)

Weddings are getting booked fast! Pregnancy photos are becoming more popular and babies are getting born all the time.
By popular demand I am very excited to be offering a pregnancy series package that includes 7 seperate photoshoots during the 3rd to the 9th month of your pregnancy and then a newborn baby photoshoot at the end! That's 8 photoshoots all together! I am also offering a two in one package with a before and after photoshoot (8 - 9 months pregnant and newborn baby).

Just contact me to find out more! :-)

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