Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Swedish Sweethearts

I had a lovely visit on the weekend from one of my oldest and dearest friends Annica and her two gorgeous children Nova and Saga. We met nannying in London 17 years ago!! Hated our jobs and spent every non-working moment together. We used to joke about being neighbours one day and our kids playing together, and now it is a reality! They are in Sweden and we are in Norway. Nova and Saga are full of personality! 5 year olds love poking faces more than smiling nicely, so it was alot of work, but we got some nice ones I think. Annica is going to hate me for posting the ones of her, but she doesn't seem to know what a natural beauty she is! I hope to get back into the forest alot over summer. We have the perfect little bridge and waterfall behind us in our forest. I'll be back in there in half an hour for some one year old photos on this perfect spring day :-)
 1_resize 2_resize 3_resize 4_resize 5_resize 6_resize 7_resize Look at that face :-)