Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I was so lucky to follow this family with pregnancy, birth and baby photoshoots, all within a couple of weeks.  I also took photos of Charlie when he was 5 weeks old and now he is a big brother! Probably the funniest sibling photo I have ever taken where baby Eva looks like she is yelling something into Charlie's ear :-)
Eva didn't want to sleep much at 5 days old with her brother around, so we tried again at 6 days old which went very well.
The plum and cherry blossoms were just blooming in out garden, so I decorated my wreath with them and Mari brought some peonies for the shoot.  Such an amazing flower! They changed from a dark pink, to peach and at full bloom to a light yellow colour!
It seems this is the year for lots of babies and I have quite a lot more bookings for pregnancy photos and babies.  I look forward to meeting all my new and old customers.

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