Saturday, 30 September 2017

Autumn Light Portraits

It's been raining a lot. For about 4 weeks it's just been dark and rainy.  But those dark days have the most beautiful light.  It's almost a secret!  I am pretty sure most people think it is too dark for taking photos but in actual fact it is the most beautiful time.  Especially in the forest when you have these spots of light piercing though the branches of the gigantic 300 year old pine trees. It is truly magnificent. 
Have I got your attention yet? If not scroll down and see. 
I had the wonderful opportunity of taking some photos of Yvonne the other day.  A modern day "Ophelia", with her beautiful strawberry blond hair and her moody teen attitude.  I made her and her mum sing with me, and we carefully walked along the muddy, slippery path through the dark but glowing forest.  A short but very sweet photoshoot that made me smile.
I hope to see some more of you in the forest with me soon. Contact me today.

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