Monday, 7 September 2015

Dance Magic Dance

My very personal dance project has been nearly 3 years in the making.  If you look back at my older photos you can really see a development.  Thalia was my very first dance subject and she has grown as a dancer too.  She has become even stronger and more flexible.  And non-Australians might not realise it but this was winter in the outback and it wasn't very warm on this afternoon so she is pretty tough too :-)
I found this wonderful location on the edge of my hometown Dubbo and you might see in the far distance the old drive-in which I have fond memories of.
My plan for this project was to do 4 seasons, but because of different timezones and bad weather it has taken me longer than I expected. I am now not quite sure if this is a 4 seasons project or something much larger, because I don't want to stop.  I want to keep taking these photos, develop further, make them more and more beautiful.
This is a very personal project and something I feel very passionate about.  I find dance to be one of the most freeing thing we can do as people.  It's when all our inhibitions vanish.  It's something I used to do as a child but something I can't do anymore because of chronic pain.
Please let me know what you think of this photoshoot and if you know of anyone that would like to be included in this project in either Norway OR Australia please let me know as I would love to hear from them!

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