Thursday, 9 June 2016

Konfirmant Ida Marie

I don't do so many confirmation photoshoots.  The one's that I have done are really fun and are usually of a dancer or one time a unicyclist! So we do photos in their fancy bunad and then they change to casual clothes or dance outfits.  This time I planned on an evening photoshoot with lovely sunset.  The sun wasn't making a huge appearance but I was still hopeful.  Ida Marie managed 5 changes of clothes! Teenagers do have alot of interests and hobbies! I am pretty sure if we had more time there would have been a few more changes of clothing too :-) She plays the trumpet, plays football and is in a cheer squad.  So we took photos of that plus a few more! With several locations we ended up at my all time favourite out in Heistadmoen and were finished a little before 11pm! Yes non-Norwegians - it is still light here at that time! :-)

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