Thursday, 5 January 2017

Babies 2016

I had a wonderful year filled with more babies than ever, last year.  Therefore I need a blog post just for babies! 
People have been really good at booking newborn shoots before they are due which has made a great difference.  Also coming within the first 10 days was new to Norwegians a few years back, but now it is finally more popular.  Newborns are so much easier to work with compared to even 2 week old.  12 days has been the magic number for a suddenly awake for the first time, for a longer period.  Although that said I had quite a few 4 day olds that needed a lot of work and at least half of the babies needed to come back the next day for "round two".  But that is ok for me.  It just means more cuddles and more chances of getting a good shot.
I am hoping for just as many babies or more this year and really hope there are some twins coming my way! It's been a while since I have had twins in the studio and I have so many ideas! :-)
I am hoping for some exciting things this year and looking forward to seeing where 2017 takes me.
Wishing everyone a fabulous new year!

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