Tuesday, 20 August 2019

2019 Catch Up!

So I have had a long break from blogging about my photoshoots. I usually only share around 3-4 photos per photoshoot on facebook, so a lot is missed out from the actual day.  I can't share everything, but I will share photos from the past half a year so you can see what I have actually been up to.
We have spent quite a few months getting my studio built and it is finally here! It is small but perfect for me.  For someone that mostly does outdoor shoots, apart from babies, I can now happily take a nice family shot too if I need, without the embarrassment of not having enough space.  That doesn't mean a family of 5 and a dog fit in here.  They do...just...and I don't want to recommend that people start booking me for indoor shoots with so many people.  It is, as I said, still a small space, but I can now spread my arms out and spin around...but I won't because I will just get dizzy ;-)
1 year old shoots are working out wonderfully in here, sibling shoots will be a dream in the colder months.  But whenever possible I will always recommend outdoor shoots for families.  Outside you can run around and be free!
There are a few photoshoots that need more than a group blogpost, so they will be coming soon.
Have you been thinking about family photos? Autumn is come fast and it is so beautiful outside. I am expecting a very busy "høst" so make sure you book in good time.  I recommend afternoon shoots for families.  The days are getting shorter so they will be at a more normal time.

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