Friday, 23 September 2011

fluid gets photographed!

These last few weeks I have been very lucky to have an assistant run around with me on photoshoots. The day we went to Oslo Cecilia took photos of me taking photos of the bridal couple for the whole photoshoot! She nearly had a heart attack when I climbed onto a railing next to a waterfall to get a better position and nearly fell in!! Well not really but I kind of wobbled and yelled something...
She got some great photos of me in action. It is really weird seeing me in photos, but interesting too. I think she did a great job! I have her for a whole year, so it will be fun to see what we come up with in that time :-)

090911_3350 copy_resize

090911_3357 copy_resize

090911_3358 copy_resize

090911_3369 copy_resize

090911_3333 copy_resize

090911_3327 copy_resize

090911_3376 copy_resize

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