Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In The Backyard

Living in another country isn't always the easiest of things.  I have made alot of new friends here, mostly international people, some Norwegians, but there aren't too many Aussies that are here.  So it was very nice to hear about the new Aussie in town.  Although Arlina had been living in Norway for the same amount of time as me, she was living in another town. It's very relaxing hearing someone with a similar accent, and someone that understands everything I say! It was also very nice to meet her two kiddies that are half Aussie, half Norwegian like ours.  They are such blondies too! Oskar is a full of energy 3.5 year old and little Frida has turned 1 recently.  She has the most amazing light blue eyes with a dark ring around the iris.

These ages are always a challenge and I was running around after them everywhere trying to just capture them as they are.  I got some fun ones with Frida attacking her big brother and some cute facial expressions :-)









  1. I love the pics sooooo much! I really can't wait to get them up on the wall :-)

  2. These are beautiful shots. Oskar really looks like a cheeky monkey and I have a feeling that Frida is going to do naughty things when she's older and blame her brother!!! Really great pics for mum and dad back in aus to have as well :-)

  3. SO glad you like them. They are very cute, funny kids :-)

  4. Fantastic shots - they are all beautiful!