Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Boy That Never Sleeps

Now, I was told from the start that this handsome little man was not going to sleep for me.  At 3 months I don't usually expect it either.  On top of the fact that he doesn't usually sleep in the day, he wakes easily if you touch him, make any sudden noises...that sort of thing. So when I saw after just a short while that he seemed tired, I thought, well we can always try, and if I get a couple of sleepy shots I will be one happy photographer! :-) If not, he had the most beautiful eyes to photograph anyway. So suddenly he is asleep, we lie him down, move him a couple of times, I place a beanie (hat/lue) on his head, socks on his sweet little feet and he sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.
Just call me the magic photographer with the sleepy fairy dust ;-) The mother Trine actually said "This has never happened" and then "mind if I go take a nap?".  Hmm...maybe I can incorperate this somehow into my business.  Photographer/sleep training/rest place for new mothers ;-)
With just a touch of autumn this time.








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