Monday, 7 January 2013

Dancing In The Sun

Happy New Year!! We have had a wonderful trip away in Australia for a whole month. Really fun but exhausting.  Today is my first day alone in 5 weeks or so. I fractured my arm on New Years Eve unpacking our bags (inside yes) and then the kids got sick and now I have a cold, so we are all adjusting back to normal life really! hehe!

I have had this project in my head for a really long time.  Sometimes my personal projects just get put on the back burner and it becomes more and more difficult to get them back to reality. I had originally planned on taking photos of Kongsberg dancers in the Autumn.  They were very busy at the beginning of the season and then I got really busy and then suddenly it got really cold and I forgot about it!

Then I thought why not do it in Australia on holiday, back in  my hometown! The school captain from my year had a daughter that danced (So good to have facebook to find out such things).  They were keen to try and I went with it.

I couldn't be more happy with these images.  Thalia was amazing!  I had even visualised a red dress in my head and when she turned up with a red dress I knew it was fate! The image of her throwing dust is the one I had in my head and it worked so well.

Now I have lots more images in my head that I need to get out.  Hopefully I will find the right girl to do some crazy things I have in-store! Possibly a little colder than the last ;-)

Thank you so much to Thalia and her crazy dad Allyn for a wonderful afternoon!!













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